azdak: Face of Klimt's Music II (Default)
azdak ([personal profile] azdak) wrote2010-08-13 04:24 pm


Just had a phone call from the surgeon. Flan's operation went well, they managed to get into the heart through the artery, so they didn't have to cut him open, and they've widened the narrow bit enough to reduce the pressure there by half, which the surgeon said is a very good outcome. He hasn't come round yet, and they want to keep him under observation till tomorrow, because it was such a long operation, but basically he can now expect to live a normal doggy life.

I am SOOOOOO relieved. As are Wolfgang and the children. Lucky will be relieved, too. She has been very unhappy all day, ever since the others came back without him, and has been hanging around with us downstairs instead of lying on her bed upstairs, as she usually does.

*wipes brow and goes to cuddle family*

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