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posted by [personal profile] azdak at 07:00am on 25/04/2011
We're a bit behind the times cinematically here in Austria, so last night we went to see Four Lions, which the internet informs me was released in the UK in 2010 and won a BAFTA and things. I'm glad it's finally made it here, because I haven't laughed in a cinema so much since - well, I can't remember when. It's one of these films where the entire conversation afterwards goes "And that bit when... And that bit when... and when he...." and everyone bursts into fresh gales of laughter at each memory. Riz Ahmed was fantastic as Omar, managing to give the film an emotional layer that made it more than just a black comedy, and handling the emotional moments with a delicacy of touch that stopped them tipping into sentiment (his "Simba's jihad" version of the Lion King that he tells his son as a bedtime story is both hilarious and moving). But all the actors were terrific. And there is bonus surprise!Benedict Cumberbatch.
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posted by [personal profile] legionseagle at 06:46am on 25/04/2011
I absolutely adore that film; I think my absolutely favourite line is "Real IRA link up with Fathers 4 Justice: nightmare scenario" but I agree about the "...bit when...bit when..." phenomenon.
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posted by [personal profile] azdak at 07:01am on 25/04/2011
I have a soft spot for the police spokesman saying "We shot the right man, and the wrong man exploded," but there are so many wonderful lines it's really hard to choose. Definitely one for the DVD collection.
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posted by [personal profile] legionseagle at 07:04am on 25/04/2011
And the long discussion about whether a honey monster is in fact a bear.
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posted by [personal profile] azdak at 07:14am on 25/04/2011
Oh, that's so brilliant! Especially with the poor dead Wookie being scraped off the pavement.
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posted by [personal profile] jest at 07:20am on 25/04/2011
Wow, a film I've actually seen! I thought it was hilarious right up until the credits rolled and then I started feeling really sad.
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posted by [personal profile] azdak at 07:56am on 25/04/2011
I thought it did an amazing job of striking a balance between Monty Python-esque humour and making (some of) the characters real enough for you to care about.
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posted by [personal profile] legionseagle at 07:41pm on 25/04/2011
Actually, I thought most of the characters were surprisingly real, even the ones who were most extreme - Barry, for example.
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posted by [personal profile] azdak at 03:02pm on 26/04/2011
Waj and Faisal weren't much more than very, very stupid, though - admittedly each in his own unique way, but it wasn't exactly realistic. Whereas Barry, I agree, was rather scarily like people I have met in real life.
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posted by [personal profile] legionseagle at 08:15pm on 27/04/2011
We had someone at a former law firm I was at who converted to Islam - a small, ginger shrimp of a man, and he insisted on taking over the showers for his praying, and whinging about the precise direction of Mecca and treating his boss as if she was untouchable, and it occurred to us that there were several people who were Muslim (born not converts) in the firm who'd just got on with it for years. And I hadn't thought of this bloke for years until I saw Barry and it all came flooding back.
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posted by [personal profile] soledad_writes at 11:41am on 28/07/2011
You live in Austria? You mean there's actually someone within reach from us? Wow! Next time I hop over the border we really ought to organize a meeting in person!


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