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We're a bit behind the times cinematically here in Austria, so last night we went to see Four Lions, which the internet informs me was released in the UK in 2010 and won a BAFTA and things. I'm glad it's finally made it here, because I haven't laughed in a cinema so much since - well, I can't remember when. It's one of these films where the entire conversation afterwards goes "And that bit when... And that bit when... and when he...." and everyone bursts into fresh gales of laughter at each memory. Riz Ahmed was fantastic as Omar, managing to give the film an emotional layer that made it more than just a black comedy, and handling the emotional moments with a delicacy of touch that stopped them tipping into sentiment (his "Simba's jihad" version of the Lion King that he tells his son as a bedtime story is both hilarious and moving). But all the actors were terrific. And there is bonus surprise!Benedict Cumberbatch.

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