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I know quite a lot of Pico peole also have DW accounts, so if the LJ outage continues past today, I could host Pico here until LJ is restored. Pass the word...
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The non-functioning of LJ is getting very tedious. Mine is actually up again, but of course it is very quiet because almost no-one is about!
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the reading equivalent of a coffee break

I am particularly annoyed that it didn't go down last week, when I was seldom near a computer, but instead this week when I am at one all day.
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My timing is always excellent. It is the bus/train/other people who are early/late/missing.

Getting your translation problem solved is at least something.
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I know my invented reality has a lot more cheering crowds and a lot less washing up.

Is this the vampire musical? You'd think that actually coming up with the music so you could make the lyrics fit would be something they'd have considered quite helpful. Hurrah for the internet, on which everything can indeed be found.

When LJ comes back I am backing up properly. And this time I mean it.
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Good idea. I was going to suggest opening a shadow pico site here. I had access for a couple of hours last night, now it's gone again. I'll mention it where I can.
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I just got in to LJ, and left a comment on last night's pico post that this is an option; it seems some people got in but couldn't post more than one or two line comments yesterday.
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It seems that we in Middle- and Eastern Europe have picked the unlucky card. Still only few-liners for me, both for entries and comments. But stevie_carroll came up with the sneaky idea of posting in a chain of very short comments, which seems to be working at the moment. God only knows for how long. I feel like paralyzed without LJ, too, all my comms are there. My account here is only a safety copy of my actual journal.
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It's completely gone for me, too, at the moment. I got the latest pico comments via my inbox, but can't access the site. They announced that it's been one of those attacks again, going on for 2 days. I'd like a few moments alone with the idiots who cause such problems.

It's wiseheart, by the way, logged in via my writing journal.
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That really sucks. I could post very short paragraphs in the afternoon - now it's logged me out and so far I've been unable to log in again.

Support site says it's one of those DDOL attacks again, so it can take a while. *sighs* I never realized how dependent I've become of LJ in the last 8 years. My entire social life ran through LJ.
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This sounds like a good idea. Actually it's easy enough to set up a comm so we know we'll be able to go there in August if we have to.

I'm wondering if we ought to run naarmamo here too in August.
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It's another DDOS attack--LJ announced it on their facebook page this AM.
I'm back to getting most pages now but not all. I am definitely getting more work done.
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We're near the end of this month's picowrimo, but for November, I think we should set up a DW option with the understanding that we all move over here if LJ becomes inaccessible again.

I wonder if there is a permanent fix for concentrated DDOS attacks--I suppose identifying the perpetrators would be a start.

We don't want you to feel lonely!
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And if I'm ever offered a complete musical to do, as opposed to a few extra songs, kick me hard if I look like I'm going to accept

Awww. You know you'll say yes!

I have been lonely though

The writer's sad lot. :D
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I see on their status page that they've finally admitted it's yet another denial of service attack, so it wouldn't happen on DW unless that Russian dissident move over there.

Maybe there won't be a naarmamo this year. Even if I set up a comm here, how could I tell people?
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What is naarmamo? *is stupid*
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You're not stupid! It's a month of daily art I do in August, rather like picowrimo except that you're meant to do one piece a day. I doubt it will happen now. I might email the mod.