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2011-04-14 05:42 am

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My eldest daughter had her Latin exam yesterday. She has been complaining for a while that the passages they currently have to translate are all from the bible, and that this puts her at a disadvantage because she doesn't know any bible stories*. When I asked her how the exam had gone, she said, "Dreadful. We got that passage where Petrus sings a song about a chicken three times. What's that all about anyway?"

I can only hope the teacher is sufficiently entertained to give her a pass mark.

*This is what happens when you don't raise your child in any particular religious tradition, and then send them to a Catholic private school at the age of 15. Apart from smuggling passages from the bible into Latin classes, it's not an overtly religious education, and the children can opt to be given religious instruction in any faith. They are not, however, allowed to choose not to attend RE classes at all.**

**Unlike the European School that my daughter went to when we were living in England, where we were told by the po-faced RE teacher at the parents' information evening, "The children have the choice between Religion and Morality." We opted for Morality.