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I probably shouldn't have tried to write this, but I did, and now I'm completely fed up with it.

Far from Wipers

Far, far from Wipers I long to be,
Where German snipers can't get at me,
Dark is my dugout, cold are my feet,
Waiting for whizz bangs to send me to sleep.

It was a source of unease to Bunter, who had an eye for the finer nuances of men's fashion, that he was obliged to present himself at Duke's Denver in his demob suit, which was missing a top button and, after four years in storage, smelled noticeably of moth balls. His mother had sewn on a new button the previous evening, but the replacement was smaller and lighter than the original, and Bunter suffered greatly under the apprehension that all eyes would instantly be drawn to it. Assuming, that was, that they weren't watering so badly from the camphor that they couldn't see it at all.
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[personal profile] nineveh_uk and I are very bad for each other. During a perfectly civilised and sensible discussion over on the Peter Wimsey mailing list about whether Peter had ever seen Bunter's impressions of "the talkies", she observed:

This raises the question of just when Peter has seen Bunter off-duty (other than in the war). Do they go out on the town together?

To which I replied:

I totally think they did! Possibly they ran into each other on an occasion when Peter was utterly inebriated and the Hon Freddy could no longer walk,
and since Bunter had had the evening off and was several over the eight himself, they went to visit some places of disrepute that Bunter happened to
know about.

The next thing I knew, she was writing fic on the bus and sending me snippets, and of course I couldn't help myself, and had to have a go as well, proceeding from the same starting point.

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There is more in the Helen/Bunter saga! Job Satisfaction by [ profile] nineveh_uk.
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For those of you who missed it in the comments, [ profile] nineveh_uk has provided Bunter's perspective on Helen's Servant Troubles.
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The blame for this lies firmly with [ profile] nineveh_uk, although the exact origins are lost in the mists of lj comments. I am certain, though, that it was she who first suggested this particular pairing.

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It turns out that there is a Peter Wimsey group on Yahoo, and that they are currently having a fanficathon, where all contributions must be under 400 words. I had to mow the lawn yesterday (it was a bugger; I got less than half done, but at least I cut down the vast crop of mushrooms this autumn has produced) and in consequence this story popped into my head.

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I have finally finished the Wimseyfic! I owe a huge debt of gratitude to [ profile] nineveh_uk for making sure I didn't disgrace myself utterly by pointing out howlers, factual inaccuracies, hackneyed metaphors and inappropriate use of language. Any remaining inadequacies are entirely due to me.

Title: The Incident of the Fellow in the Fellows' Garden
Author: azdak
Pairing: None
Summary: Lord Peter visits an old friend at Cambridge, and finds himself caught up in shady dealings, as the worlds of academia and espionage collide.
Warnings: Very long
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Well, it had to be, really, after yesterday's discussion. A fusion of sorts: A Missing Scene from Unnatural Death/A Classic British Stoner Movie (I have no idea if non-Brits are familiar with the latter, but youtube unsurprisingly has an extensive supply of clips).

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Absolutely hilarious Peter Wimsey mpreg with the most amazingly convincing Sayers voice I think I've ever come across. There is an equally hilarious Bunter mpreg sequel of sorts. Read it and howl!
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A while back I mentioned that I like to imagine that Illya met Lord Peter Wimsey while he was at Cambridge and that it was Lord Peter who introduced him to Waverly. [ profile] laughingacademy came up with the brilliant idea that Illya might have had his portrait taken by Bunter during the course of these events. This is their encounter, immediately after the successful resolution of the Incident of the Fellow in the Fellows' Garden.

Oh, and at Cambridge a "bedder" is nowadays a cleaning lady, but in the 1950s a bedder would have been male and would not only have cleaned the room, but laid the fire and made the bed and performed errands for the student he was assigned to.

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